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My English Portfolio - přehled témat

Přehled témat:

1. (září) I and my family 

2. (říjen) My school and my hobbies

3. (listopad) Likes and dislikes

4. (prosinec) - výběr ze dvou témat:  My best friend  nebo  My favourite singer (actor, sportsman)

5. (leden) Daily routine

6. (únor) My favourite film (book, game, ... )

7. (březen) English speaking countries

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Zpracování jednoho z témat by v páté třídě mohlo vypadat třeba takto:
My name is Charlie. I am from Prague. I am ten years old and I am in Year 5 at school. The name of my school is ZŠ Bronzová. My favourite subjects are English and Music. Our teacher's name is Mrs Malá. She is really great! We have a small classroom. There are 12 desks and 24 chairs there. There are 22 pupils in our class. There is a blackboard and a smartboard.
My hobby is music. I like singing. My favourite singer is Justin Bieber. I like his song "Sorry" very much. I sing every day.
I like playing with my little sister Nikolka. She is six years old. We play with dolls and Lego.
I like dancing. I go to dance lessons every Monday and Wednesday.
MY BEST FRIEND (5. třída):
My name is Pavel. I am 11 years old. I am from Prague. My best friend is Lukáš. He is 11 years, too. He is also from Prague. He is in my class. 
Lukáš isn't tall, he has got brown hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses. He likes to wear jeans and a blue T-shirt. His favourite colour is blue.
I like his bag, it is blue and red and it has got a picture of Ronaldo on it. Lukáš likes Maths and English. He likes reading. His favourite book is "Deník malého poseroutky". 
We play football after school and we play Pokémon Go.
I like Lukáš, he is clever and friendly.
Zpracování jednoho z témat by v šesté třídě mohlo vypadat třeba takto:


My name is Laura. I’m 11 years old. Today, I would like to talk about my likes and dislikes.

At first, I want to talk about my school. My favourite subject is Biology because I like animals. I don’t like Maths, it is difficult. I really like PE because I love sports. I like my classmates. I like talking with them and playing with them.

Now I want to talk about animals. I really like cats and dogs but my favourite animals are horses. I can’t have a horse at home because we live in a flat, but I have got a hamster. Its name is Crunchie. I often play with Crunchie after school. My grandparents have got a dog. His name is Fang. He is big and white and I like to walk him. I don’t like spiders and I hate snakes. My brother likes them.

I love sports. My favourite sport is karate. I have karate lessons every Monday and Wednesday. I like to watch sports on TV. I like gymnastics and ice-skating very much. My brother likes table tennis and we sometimes play together.

Now I will talk about food and drinks. I really don’t like milk but I eat cheese. I like pizza and my favourite food is soup with meat balls. I often eat sweets. I like chocolate very much. I don’t eat fruit very much but my mum says: “Eat oranges, they've got vitamin C and it's good for you.”

I like listening to music. I use MP3 player and I listen to music in the evening when I am in bed.

I don’t like reading very much. I prefer watching films. I sometimes go to the cinema with my friends. My favourite film is Frozen.